Abilities are in-game battle spells that the player can use with their hero in-game. A player can select one battle spell while in the pre-game lobby. They can not be set or changed once the match has begun.

You can select a Battle Spell to use in the fight. Mastering Battle Spells will make you even more powerful.
— Description of Abilities from the 'Prep' in-game menu.

Battle Spells
Ability 1

Retribution Icon


Unlocks at Lvl 1.

(Cooldown: 30 seconds).

Deals 600-1440 pts of true damage to nearby jungle monsters or minions and increases damage to monsters by 3within 30%s (Damage will increase with level).

Ability 2

Execute Icon


Unlocks at Lvl 1.

(Cooldown: 90 seconds).

Deals 240-800 pts of true damage to a specified hero (grows with level).

Ability 3

Fury Icon


Unlocks at Lvl 5.

(Cooldown: 60 seconds).

Greatly enhances the hero for a short period of time. The next basic attacks will ignore 25 pts of the target's physical defense and increases your hero's attack speed 80%. Last 5s

Ability 4

Assault Icon


Unlocks at Lvl 7.
(Cooldown: 100 seconds).

Immediately increases movement speed 42%. This effect slowly fades over 10s.

Ability 5

Healing Spell Icon

Healing Spell

Unlocks at Lvl 9.
(Cooldown: 120 seconds).

Regens 15% HP for you, and according to the number of nearby teammates, regens at most 15% HP for them.


Unlocks at Lvl 13.

(Cooldown: 90 Seconds)

Price (Diamonds): 139 D

Deals 115-325 magic damage to surrounding enemies (increases with level) and petrifies targets for 0.7s.


Unlocks at Lvl 15.

(Cooldown: 150 seconds).

Price (Diamonds): 267 D

After skill is released, it will immediately remove all negative effects and grants immunity; disables for one second and increases hero's speed by 30%.


Unlocks at Lvl 17.

(Cooldown: 60 seconds).

Price (Diamonds): 189 D

Reduces a specified hero's movement speed 70% and physical and magic power 50%. Lasts 3s.


Unlocks at Lvl 19.

(Cooldown: 120 seconds).

Price (Diamonds): 289 D

Teleport a certain distance in a specified direction. For 1s after the teleport, duration of disabling effects will be reduced 50%.


Unlocks at Lvl 21

(Cooldown: 150 Seconds).

Price (Diamonds): 389 D

Teleport to the Allied Turret or Minion after chanting for 3s. The Target turret or minion will be invincible when the hero is teleporting (Both Hero and Target). Movement Speed will Increase by 30% for the Next 3s (After Teleported).

Iron Wall

Unlocks at Lvl 23

(Cooldown: 90 Seconds)

Price (Diamonds): 489 D

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