blood ancestry

Blood ancestry

When a nearby minion dies, a blood orb will generate. Absorbing blood orb will permanently maximum HP by 10 pts for Alice

flowing blood
Cooldown:6Mana Cost:90

Flowing blood

Shoots a blob of blood in a specified direction, dealing 330 pts of magic damage to the enemy. Afterwards the hero can use this ability to instantly teleport to wherever the ball of blood is.

blood awe
Cooldown:7Mana Cost:90

Blood awe

Deals 270 pts of magic damage , to surrounding enemies, mobilizing them for 1.2s. The enemies are slowed for 2s after one.

blood ode
Cooldown:42Mana Cost:135

Blood ode

For the next 4 seconds, the blood princess will be in blood-drinking mode, dealing 160 pts of magic damage to surrounding enemies every 0.5 seconds and restoring 40 pts of HP for herself at the same time.

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