Classic Rank Draft Pick Brawl Vs. AI Custom Events

In brawl mode you cannot chose freely your own hero instead a dice will thrown and will give a choice from two available heroes presented to you. This mode have only one lane battle course and only two turrets to defend your tower. This mode usually finishes in shorter time that classic or ranked mode, it is best for raising your credit score easily when it gets down due to multiple quitting games.To find out more game modes, visit the Battle Field Guide


Brawl Mode 01

Once starting you will be starting at Level 3 and have 800 Gold, once leaving the circle (as show in the pic above) you cannot enter again. There are no heal at brawl mode even if you enter the circle there won't be any healing for you or your allies. But supports can heal you and your allies.

Brawl Mode lane

There are only one lane and two tower defending your base in Brawl Mode. And there are more minions also

There are also Jungle on the sides, only one jungle monster are in Brawl Mode, Ghost Mage grants 806+ HP upon killing.

The Difference with Classic

The main thing that distinguishes Brawl with Classic is its simplicity

Players are only given ONE lane, not 3

  • The player is given a choice between 2 random heroes, which is randomized.(cant select all heroes)
  • Players who have been already out of the base can not re-enter the base.
  • Items can only be bought inside the base.

This mode is suitable for players who are looking for excitement or to try out new heroes.

Tips and tricks

  • Know who's playing

To achieve victory. There are many heroes to choose from with different styles of play. Know what the function of the skill, strengths and weaknesses of heroes, where the best position for each hero. It's very important to win the battle, especially in Brawl where almost every fight is a team battle.

  • Spell healing

Choose a healing spell rather than an attacking spell, unless it has heal skills. Base can not be entered after being abandoned, so most heroes can not heal their HP. Healing spell can sometimes save lives.

  • Buy the right stuff

Be careful in buying goods. In Brawl, the important thing is to get rid of the enemy as quickly as possible. Prioritize items that can add physical attack damage, especially when playing as a hero ranged.

  • Hiding in the bush

There is a small shrub that can be used to hide. Take advantage of it to surprise enemies, enemies can be quickly overcome, especially if they are alone. The shrub can also be used to avoid danger.

  • Replay hero selection

At the beginning, players will be given a choice between 2 heroes. If these two heroes are less suitable to play, do not hesitate to randomize one of the heroes. Choosing the right hero is what differentiates to win or lose.

  • Enlist the enemy

In one lane, it's easier to guess your opponent's movements and set where we want them to be. Fish the enemy near the bush or toward the tower to help the team battle.

  • Teamwork

Probably the most cliche tips ever, but it really works. In Brawl, the fight is harder to win because all heroes defend the same lane. Never start a game when alone, unless absolutely sure.


  • This is all about gank, tower defending, and clashing in-game.
  • This is most recommended to play as Support with healings such as Estes, Rafaela, Minotaur, etc. Player must play one support hero only, but two support could sometime be acceptable to double the healings.
    • Also recommended to go to other teammate's back to avoid being damage/killed in battle.
  • Mostly, this is only the mode to not have Buff Monsters. Due to battling around the buffs or overpowered situation.
    • Since this game mode doesn't have Buff, Heroes that relies on buff we'll have a difficult time in this game mode, heroes like Fanny, Hayabusa, etc.