mecha legs

Mecha legs

Each time a skill causes damage, Bruno's nechanical legs will add a 4% crit strike chance effect, stacking up to 5 times.

volley shot
Cooldown:10Mana Cost:80

Volley shot

Kicks a shot-refracting energy ball at a specified target, dealing 230 pts of physical damage and slowing down the target 55%. Bruno and teammates can pick up the energy ball to reduce this skill's cooldown.

flying tackle
Cooldown:7Mana Cost:55

Flying tackle

Bruno makes a forward slide tacle, stunning enemy units and dealing 140 pts of physical damage.

world wave
Cooldown:35Mana Cost:140

World wave

Kicks an energy ball filled with energy at a specified hero. dealing 250 pts of physical damage and knocking the target back. The energy ball will then ricochet among enemy heroes until it cannot find a new target.

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