Chang'e is the youngest disciple of the Great Dragon. From an early age, she exhibted amazing magical potential, quickly mastering the Great Draong's greatest spell - The Scared Satellitle. From then on, Chang'e earned the Great Dragons eternal love. However, Chang'e had a energetic and fun-loving personality that gave the Great Dragon quite a few headaches. Finally, he asked Zilong, his adopted son, to look after Chang'e. The Great Dragon was hopeful that Zilong's diligent and determined character could help guide Chang'e. Zilong came to love the vibrant and intelligent Chang'e. They often spent countless hours together, practicing magic and finding divine creatures to play with. Chang'e also loved spending time with her big brother, Zilong. Her favorite part of the day was at the end of the training, when Zilong would carry her on his back on their way home. During the second War of the Planes, Zilong assited the wise rulers of the land, traveling between worlds. After he left, Chang'e returned to her naughty and childish ways. At one point, the Great Dragon was not sure if there would ever be another day of peace-That is, until Chang'e swallowed one of his scared pills by accident, thinking it was candy. The Great Dragon immediately cast Chang'e out of his sanctuary and ordered her to assist Zilong and make up for her mistake! Even then, the Great Dragon felt compelled to give Chang'e his precious Cresent Moon to protect her.