Hero Select:

"Hoot Doot, Horology is my craft, Diggie is my name"

In Move:

"Master Rooney is my idol"

"Is my clock broken?".

"Did my clock just stop working?"

"May I study your watch for a second?"

"Hoot hoot.. doot doot.. hoot hoot.. doot doot.. bluwbluwbluwbluwbluw"

"I have a clumsy new apprentice called Einstein!"

"Running late? Just slow down the time"

Hero Move

Upon Casting "Time Journey"

"Time is science!"

Upon Casting "Disdain/Victory Prayers"

"You're so lame!"

"A star will disappear if you lose!"

"Wrong item of choice!"

"Diggie Perfume!"

Hero Death

"Time... is slowing... down"

Hero Resurrection

"Diggie is back!"

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