Gives the target a Superconductor effect which will amplify the effects of other abilities.

Forked Lightning
Cooldown:6.5Mana Cost:80

Forked Lightning

Uses forked lightning to deal 320 magic damage to enemies in a conical area in front of the hero, also causing enemies who received a Superconductor effect to lose 25 magic resistance.

Electric Arrow
Cooldown:12Mana Cost:90

Electric Arrow

Strikes an enemy with a bolt of lightning, dealing 280 magic damage and stunning the target for 1s. Enemies who received a Superconductor effect will be stunned for an additional ls.

Cooldown:22Mana Cost:130


Summons a great storm of lightning, dealing 400 magic damage to enemies in the area. Deals an additional 15% dmg to enemies who received a Superconductor effect. Deals an extra 15% damage if it only hits a single enemy.

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