spirit contact

Spirit contact

Generates a sacred shield surrounding the hero after every 2th basic attack. When it is stacked 3 times, it will activate the sacred shield accelerator, dealing damage to any enemy that it hits. (Has no effect on minions)

wings of faith
Cooldown:10Mana Cost:80

Wings of faith

Jumps into a target area, dealing 250 physical damage, to enemies in the area and pulling the enemies to the middle.

godspeed strike
Cooldown:7Mana Cost:80

Godspeed strike

Enhances the next 3 basic attacks and attack speed. Attack #3 will stun targets in a fan-shaped area in front of the hero and deal an additional 220 physical damage.

Cooldown:34Mana Cost:120


Enters Valkyrie mode, dealing 400 physical damage to surrounding enemies and increasing the hero's attack power 20 and increases armor and magic resist 15.

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