Gears are purchasable in-game items that a hero can purchase. Gear can be purchased at any stage whilst the player is in an active match. You can Access this menu you in Prep, if you wish to change the Character's Recommend to make it better or worse its all up to you, and you can rename it.

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-Each hero starts of with a base amount of 300 gold. If your in Brawl Mode you get 800 Gold.

-Suggestions on what items to purchase to form a build are offered in-game on the top right corner of the screen. (YOU GOT TO Click on the [300 $] in the Top right Corner it will pop in the shop)

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  • Attack Speed Cap is 2.5 attacks per second.
  • Cooldown Reduction Cap 40% (Any Higher it will stay at 40%)
  • Buying Certain Gear early will lower prices, and it will equal the same in the end. (for the 3rd tier)
  • Some Effects will not Stack (Like Jungling Gear they wont stack with each other)
  • Boots Movement Speed HARD Cap +50 Speed (sorry you cant be Flash) but the Passive Effects do Stack. and Agility Battle Skill does stack too

Attack Gear:

Attack Gear are items that increases the physical attack of a hero. They are best bought with heroes that's under the category of Fighter/Assassin/Marksman and have attack damage scaling, which shows an orange bracket on beside of the base damage of the ability.

The unique statistics of the gears are Lifesteal, Critical Chance and Physical Damage.

Tier I Tier II Tier III
Great Sword 250g Legion Sword 910g Malefic Roar 2060g
Dagger 280g Ogre Tomahawk 790g Haas's Claws 1810g
Javelin 320g Rogue Meteor 900g Berserker's Fury 2200g
Vampire Mallet 400g Fury Hammer 980g Endless Battle 2470g
Iron Hunting Bow 450g Magic Blade 1300g Windtalker 1920g
Regular Spear 600g Demon Hunter Sword 2180g Scarlet Phantom 2120g
Power Potion 1500g Deadly Blade 1950g Blade of the 7 Seas 1950g
Corrosion Scythe 2250g Blade of Despair 3010g
Hunter Strike 2010g
Bloodlust Axe 1970g
Rose Gold Meteor 2270g


Magic Gear

Magic Gear gives Magic power, that increases the damage of skills. It's usually bought with characters under the category of Mage. Their specialization of effects includes providing additional effects to spells, increasing the spell's capabilities.

Tier I Tier II Tier III
Mystery Codex 300g Magic Wand 820g Devil Tears 1970g
Power Crystal 220g Tome of Evil 950g Holy Crystal 2180g
Magic Necklace 120g Azure Blade 780g Concentrated Energy 2020g
Book of Sages 450g Exotic Veil 1020g Ice Queen Wand 1940g
Mystic Container 800g Elegant Gem 700g Glowing Wand 2120g
Magic Potion 1500g Enchanted Talisman 1870g Calamity Reaper 1950g
Winter Trucheon 1910g Clock of Destiny 1950g
Feather of Heaven 2230g Blood Wings 2850g
Disaster Trucheon 2060g Fleeting Time 2050g
Necklace of Durance 2060g Lightning Trucheon 2150g


Defense Gear:

Defensive items that allows you to withstand more damage before dying. They're a must-buy-category in the 20 minutes mark as everyone usually have enough damage to destroy you instantly (unless the enemy has only 3 items). They're usually put as the last item in the Recommended tab. Their unique abilities are giving negative effects to the enemy that's attacking you, allow you to live longer, or buff your aillies. The most common and best all-rounder item is Immortality, it gives you a ressurect so you can rise back up after death, to either fight or to run.

Tier I Tier II Tier III
Vitality Crystal 300g Ares Belt 900g Cursed Helmet 1830g
Leather Jerkin 220g Molten Essence 870g Bloodthirsty King 2380g
Magic Resist Cloak 220g Silence Robe 1020g Demon's Advent 2170g
Healing Necklace 140g Black Ice Shield 880g Oracle 2110g
Hero's Ring 450g Dreadnaught Armor 730g Athena's Shield 2050g
Rock Potion 1500g Courage Bulwark 1970g Dominance Ice 2110g
Blade Armor 1660g Immortality 2120g
Wings of Apocalypse Queen 2250g Brute Force Breastplate 2120g
Thunder Belt 2290g Heart of Steel 2260g
Ancient Ghostatue 1900g


Movement Gear:

Movement Gear are very important items. It makes your character move more faster, allow you to chase or run away easier. Besides that, they have very unique properties that usually only tier 3 items have. So buying the complete boots as the second item would allow you to play more better, since they are cheap. (Note that their effects do not stack, not a single one of them.)

Tier I Tier II Tier III
Boots 250g Warrior Boots 690g Rapid Boots 630g
Tough Boots 890g Wizard Boots 700g
Magic Shoes 710g Boots of Tranquility 720g
Arcane Boots 740g
Swift Boots 710g


Jungle Gear:

Mainly for Jungling. It provides you additional experience for killing jungle monsters and deal extra damage to monsters. Recommended if you want to gain level faster than anyone and fight the monsters instead of staying in lane.

Tier I Tier II Tier III
Hunter's Knife 280g Curse Sword 760g Star Shard 1505g
Pillager Axe 770g Beast Killer 1605g
Nimble Blade 750g Raptor Machete 1550g