mystic favor

Mystic favor

After dealing ability damage to an enemy, he will add a magic amplifier effect to the target. Subsequent ability damage dealt to the target will cause an extra 3% damage, stacking up to 10 times.

mystic projectile
Cooldown:8Mana Cost:90

Mystic projectile

Throws a magic bomb at the target area, dealing 255 magic damage to enemies in the area and lowering movement speed 60%, lasting 2s. Deals up to 30% extra damage to enemies in the center of the area and stuns them.

mystic injunction
Cooldown:8Mana Cost:90

Mystic injunction

Summons a field of energy which deals 55 magic damage per 0.5s to enemies within it.

mystic gush
Cooldown:40Mana Cost:140

Mystic gush

Fires a sustained blast of emblem energy in a specified direction, dealing 170 magic damage per 0.4s to enemies affected by the energy beam and slowing them down 20%, lasting 3s.

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