1. Hayabusa
    Ability Effects


    Movement Speed 260 Mana 479
    Physical Attack 114 Attack Speed 0.854
    Magic Power 0 HP Regen 16
    Armor 17 Mana Regen 16
    Magic Resistance 10 Basic Attk Crit Rate 0
    HP 2679 Ability Crit Rate 0


  • Translate Hayabusa (隼) in English is peregrine falcon while about Iga (伊賀流) is about a historical school of ninjutsu.
    • These translating japanese names alongside with Kagura and Hanabi.
  • Old Hayabusa can be seen in his Ult Icon.
  • He one of the heroes who use the power of shadow. The only other hero is Helcurt.
  • Despite his both skins (Shadow of Iga and Spacetime Shadow) are having same entry, his complimentary skin (Spacetime Shadow) takes a short time after standing until you can spin him.
  • He is mentioned on one of Kagura's quotes. This might be related on Hanabi's Background.
  • Before he was reworked, he used mana. This changed after he's been reworked to energy, similar to Lesley and Fanny, some days before Selena's release into the original server. His skills were also reworked to improve his agility and damage.
    • Lolita is the other hero whose second bar changed on her current rework.
  • He is inspired by Ryu Hayabusa who serves as the main protagonist of Tecmo's Ninja Gaiden action-adventure video game series, in addition to featuring as a player character in the Dead or Alive fighting game franchise by Koei Tecmo and Team Ninja. 
    • He is a dragon-human hybrid who wields an ancestral weapon called the Dragon Sword, and is the leader of the Hayyabusa ninja clan.
  • His main rival is Hanabi while his friend or lover is Kagura as seen in the official web-comic: Intertwined Fate.
  • The kunais seen on his animation in the hero select screen are not used in the game.
    • It could be a cutted action from the game, for the shurikens to be used instead.