Roles and Specialties

There are Roles and Specialties within the game but there is a distinct difference between "Roles" and "Specialties". In order to have a well functioning team throughout a game it is important for players to know their role and their specialties within the heroes they use, as well as the differences between the two.

A Role or Classes is a category that your character will play through out the game. A total of 65 heroes is available at this moment, which come from 6 classes – Tank, Fighter, Assassin, Mage, Marksman and Support. Each of them has their unique stats and ability, but some of them are stronger than others.

The Hero Specialties is also category that your character will play throughout the match, from beginning to end. Examples include Initiator, CC, Burst, etc. A hero may qualify under 3 or more specialties, but their two most important specialties are listed.

Your Role in a Team

Every hero in Mobile Legends is unique, has a different set of abilities, and overall has different ways to help win the game. But first let's talk about roles first. Roles are assigned within the Heroes roles that your character will play through out the game. There 6 Roles/Classes.


TANK Itself has high HP [Health Point] and high Def [Defense], while has very low Attack. TANK position is always at the forefront by making itself as a SHIELD against friends or you can say it sacrifice. :v With its durability as a hero, the TANK is very good for dividing the opponent formation and allowing the carry to poke the opponents while you absorb the damage for them. So, Tank really is very useful with teammate backing up. Tank will typically have these assets:

  • Naturally bulky, higher natural HP, Magic Resistance, and Armor
  • Some form of crowd control (CC), usually a stun, slow, or taunt.
  • Great synergy (due to abilities) with certain defensive items, making it very desirable to get them.
  • Most tanks have some sort of initiation; an ability to open up the fight giving their team an advantage.


Fighter is a melee type they are the actual Pentamakers of the Game. Fighter in general has has Balanced HP, Armor, Magic Resistance and Damage. Fighter usually attack/jump towards to the enemy while his friends repaid the blood of the enemy, then back away, and then jump again towards the enemy to finish and kill them. In general, Fighter can also be called as SEMI-TANK, because their build that suitable for the fighter I think half AD [Attack Damage] and half Armor/MR [Magic Resist].This role is also suitable for Jungling. Well, it still depends on the situation of our own team. Fighters are sometimes used for Solo-Carry, some Fighters are used in Teamfights.


Marksman is a type of role that has a high attack/damage and critical and distance. This type is commonly referred to as carry/ADC [Attack Damage Carry]. This type of hero has a important role for kill the enemy. When using this hero, be smart to keep the distance with the hero of the opponent, because this type of hero usually has low durability and mobility. Marksman heroes Always Relies on Tank. When using this type of hero, you should use gears that increase your attack speed, because in addition to kill the enemy, Marksman can also destroy the tower quickly.


Mage is a very cool type to make the enemy hassles, and the damage has more pain because few users who care about magic defense. What is meant by making enemy hassles for example like this: Balmond spinning and suddenly transformed into a cat with Nana, Miya was enjoy under his own turret then thrown umbrella by kagura and whether you want it or not she will steap aside. Magic type is a very cool to be support, while the mage makes the enemy hassles of your team friends also can deal great damage to the enemy's HP.

Current Meta for the Mage

  • The mid lane is where you will see mages usually play. Its the most important lane on the map and towers are important for late game, so do not lose them early. Trading damage is a must with the mid lane. Its easy to bully and be bullied, and even easier to gank the lane due to the bushes on either side of it. Nana and Alice are most played in the mid because they can clear the wave and poke their opposition with out having to commit to an overextension leaving you open for a gank.
  • Eudora isn't seen often in high ranked games, but when she is played she makes a difference. Usually she assumes the role of a damaging mage support for top or bottom lanes, leaving the mid lane to someone else.


Assassin is a type of fighter who has the high attack and high speed. These roles usually roaming to top / bottom while jungling, so dont be surprised if the assassin type likes to appear suddenly and come to kill. Carry type is the type most targeted by assassin and certainly very helpful team in reducing the pressure from the enemy. The main task of assassin in my opinion is "Kill Steal" on the enemy [Marksman] who is alone, so the player who likes to kidnaping is highly recommended to wear assassin. Usually the time for assassin to help the war team is in the middle of war [when enemy's HP the remaining half] and also at the end, because assassin is have low durability like marksman. So "Immortality" must exist for the assassins.


Support as the healer. Healer in early games is generally coupled with "carry" until the carry have the gears to kill enemy. And when the late game healer is for anyone and really felt the benefits while being Rally and Push. Healer is generally positioned at the back, and try not to die, but when your fighter or team's marksman is dying do not hesitate to go forward and distract the enemy on you. Support has a very difficult task, because they must very cover the marksman not to die, although sacrifice your life. Until now there is sometimes more support Kill more than Marksman, and that's because it was not intentionally to take Kill from Marksman but so that the enemy is really Die at the time of the battle. And in MLBB rarely happens team dispute just because Support gets Kill, I really support it :v Additional for the Support type not to be equated with MAGE although their skill / gears type is Magic type. Because the mage and support tasks are clearly different.

Playing the Support

The most important thing that a support does is to support their team. That often means sticking with your allies and being there when they need you. Pairing a support hero with a high damage dealer hero like a marksman is the current meta. Keeping the damage dealers alive so they can do the fighting is your job. Things you can do to support them would be:

  • Help your ally to farm gold and experience as fast as possible without subtracting from their income by dealing the final blow.
  • Keep them healthy by utilizing heals or shielding them from damage.
  • Always look at the mini map and note where your allies are and where the threat to your ally may come from.
  • Stuns onto enemies are beloved by ADC champions almost as much as heals are. Whether its to prevent a kill from escaping, to change the tide of an engagement, or to secure an escape for yourself and an ally.

Your Hero Specialty

In addition to Role, the heroes at Mobile Legends also have one more grouping, namely Specialty. But unlike the obvious role, what is meant by Specialty is that we have a somewhat less understood definition, in games too rarely touched upon. Then what is the meaning of Specialty in Mobile Legends?

Specialty is arguably the skill of each hero used to fight. There are 9 kinds of specialty, namely Regen, Crowd Control, Reap, Charge, Push, Damage, Burst Damage, Poke, and Initiator. Here I will explain about the specialty.


Heroes with this Specialty have the ability to regenerate HP itself and hero in your team. Examples Rafaela, Estes and Angela have the skills to self-regulate and hero the team, while Hilda, Balmond, and Alice have a skill that can self-regulate. 

These hero-heroes can be relied upon to maintain the tower, or become the ever-present support when needed. Rafaela and Estes, in particular, are very useful for improving team resilience when having to do war or push a tower.

Other heroes can also heal themselves like Alpha and Bane

Crowd Control

Crowd Control is a specialty possessed by heroes who play a role in disrupting the crowd or bumping up the hero of the opponent who is gathered by giving slow effects, stun and other effects. Heroes that have this specialty include Tigreal, Johnson, Balmond, Akai, Alucard, Lolita and many more (especially Tanks).

Example of Crowd Control skill is Tigreal's ultimate skill. His skill collects enemies around and gives a stun effect for 1.5 seconds, Ruby's second skill which give enemy a brief stun. The hero that has a special Crowd Control suitable for use when gathering and fighting with the opposing team.

Other heroes can also CC any enemy like Jawhead , who can throw any character in the battlefield except the Lord and Turtle using his second skill, or Zilong who can also flip any enemy over through his first skill.


Reap is arguably a useful specialty for harassing and preventing opponents from farming. However, I am still unsure what is meant by the word Reap here. Most of the heroes that have this specialty are the type of marksman and assassin. Heroes that have Specialty Reap are Nana, Clint, Eudora, Yi Sun-Shin, Fanny, Saber, and Karina.

Hero with this specialty is very efficient when going team fight. When the Tank's heroes absorb the damage, and the other heroes finish off the enemy, the hero Reap is tasked to "finish" the enemies who are dying or fleeing.

Spell vamp equipment is best suitable for heroes of this specialty.


Hero that has a specialty Charge serves to catch the enemy or start a team fight with a fast skill like jumping and moving fast forward. The specialty is owned by Zilong, Saber, Fanny, Alpha, Akai, Alucard, Freya, Hayabusa, and Natalia.

Examples such as ultimate Saber skills can lock enemies quickly. And Zilong's second skill is able to catch the enemy quickly. But other heroes can also charge like Tigreal, Freya, or Akai.


Hero Specialty Push, according to its name most expert in doing push tower. They have various skills, but they all have an advantage when doing push towers. They are usually able to push the tower alone.

The hero that has a special push one of them is Zhask. He has a skill that can remove spawns and have a considerable damage. And other heroes like Sun. Sun has an excellent self-made ability to finish minions and gang up on turrets. Lolita also have the Push specialty because of her second skill can protect allies while they are pushing lanes.


Hero with Specialty Damage has a longer duration of damage. The more familiar term is probably a pinch.  They are good at harassing enemies, reducing HP's opponents consistently, bit by bit. This type of hero is very superior in the laning phase, where everything is still cautious in exchanging attacks.  Examples of heroes with Specialty Damage are Eudora, Gord, Kagura, and Cyclops. Most of the heroes with this specialty are Mages. But, some heroes, such as Lesley can also deal very high damage to enemies.

Burst Damage

Specialty Burst Damage is practically the same as Damage. But the difference is from the time span. If the Damage has a long time span, then burst damage has quite a span of time.

Hero with Specialty Burst Damage is suitable to fight enemy heroes who have a small HP because the hero is able to kill off enemy HP quickly in a short time.  Example of Moskov, with his passive skill, he can hit the enemy very quickly in super short time.


Specialty Poke has a definition that has a skill with which the use of a little, but has a considerable damage. Those who own it include Estes, Yi Sun-Shin and Cyclops. In obvious terms, it is an ability for a hero to effectively hit an enemy.

For example, when Estes uses his skills to heal hero's Blessing of Moon Goddess, he can also use Moonlight Immersion skills to provide extra heal. Unfortunately, the skill has a high usage so that you have to be careful in using it.

Other heroes can also have Poke, like Gord whose skills not only to hit a lot of enemies, but also to provide CC effect to them. Bane 's ultimate skill can also have the poke because it follows a low-HP hero until duration.


Almost the same as Charge, Specialty Initiator owned by those in charge of opening the fight. The only ones who have this specialty are the tank type heroes because they are on the front line. They are Tigreal, Franco, Minotaur, and Zilong .

Example with Franco's Iron Hook skill that can attract an opponent and give it a stun effect. And also with Minotaur with the ultimate skill that can make people bounce. Zilong can also initate a fight using his second skill and first skill to charge and flip over an enemy.