Ability Effects


Movement Speed 240 Mana -
Physical Attack 115 Attack Speed 0.826
Magic Power - HP Regen 36
Armor 14 Mana Regen -
Magic Resistance 10 Basic Attk Crit Rate -
HP 2490 Ability Crit Rate -


  • She is inspired by Mira from Magic Rush for the fact that they both are snipers with superior critical damage.
  • Lesley is the only hero can zoom-out in gameplay, in fact as Sniper.
    • However, both Gord and Gatotkaca zoom-out when using their Ultimates, just like Lesley's Ultimate, as well as Yi Sun Shin when charging his second skill.
  • Her full name is Lesley Vance. She is one of the only heroes in the game who has a full name, along with her step sibling Harley, Gusion Paxley, Martis Shura, and Moskov Wildsand.
  • Lesley and Harley are adopted siblings, they both also have -ley on their name.
    • If they are in the same team, they are granted with a unique buff that gives 10 more HP to both of them.
  • Her Ultimate skill can be used on concealed as well as invisble heroes such as Miya or Natalia. This can alert her and her allies when enemy heroes are near.
    • Her Ultimate's bullets counts as projectiles, they can be blocked by other heroes or shields. Same as Nana's Molina and Chang'e's missiles are projectiles.
  • Many players fear her because of her hard hitting critical attack. When improved with equipment, she becomes deadly when in late game as well with jungling, being able to Two-hit kill some squishy heroes such as Layla.
  • Despite her name on her standard skin as "Sniper", it doesn't have a rifle scope on her old rifle. The same thing goes on her another skin, the "Royal Musketeer" where it does have a scope on her new rifle.
  • Lesley wears an eye-patch on her left eye in every of her skin except for her "Cheergunner" skin.
    • This can be hard to notice since the left side of her face is often covered by her hair.
    • When seeing the model, it is the only one of her skin to (almost) see her full face.
      • Another hero with an eye-patch is Ruby, but on her right eye, except for her "Cat Girl" skin.
  • She is one of the heroes to have a Royal skin. Harley and Lancelot are the others.
  • Her name is a feminine name of Scottish origin. It is a variant of Leslie (an unisex name).
  • From the bugs, newly released of Lesley in entry, after entry animation. Lesley's body would distorted except her rifle. See in Youtube.
    • This must be oversighted by developer that her hair would move than her body.
  • She is also notable in the game for being a versatile hero. In fact, a sniper is different than a marksman because a sniper works alone while a marksman works with a team. But Lesley needs a tank to accompany her since she is a squishy hero and a priority target for enemy heroes.
  • She can be seen with Cheergunner skin on the loading screen during Bruno Cup event, even though she's banned from Mayhem Game.
  • She is one of the first new heroes of 2018.
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