Ability Effects


Movement Speed 2.65 Mana 0
Physical Attack 115 Attack Speed 7.7
Magic Power 0 HP Regen 48
Armor 27 Mana Regen 0
Magic Resistance 10 Basic Attk Crit Rate 0
HP 2545 Ability Crit Rate 0

Equipment Suggestions:

Lolita's Equipment

Playing Lolita:

She is Rarely Used in All of the Game, but Hands down one of the best Characters if you actually know how to play her.

She rains #1 Top Hero/Tank/Support

Benefit: She USES NO MANA. but "MANA Regen" HELPS Her Noumenon BLAST !

Try not to be a Idiot, while playing her, you can die if your not supporting

While Alone, Defend Turrets/Attack Minions if you got space to attack the Players by all means go for it.

She is mainly built to Team Buff Everyone Around you, Mainly for Mid Lane Combat.

Energy Rocket Facts:

  1. Instant Recharge (2nd Rocket) if you hit Player
  2. Long Range Attack, Slows on 1st Rocket, Stuns 2seconds on 2nd Rocket.

Protective Shield:

  • Can Block ALOT of Attacks. that are all Ranged. basically attack attack that floats to you like a Arrow for an Example. or Gun Shot and even stop a Spear of Destruction if your lucky.
  • CANNOT Block...Turret Fire...Ring AoE type attacks, Anything Falling (sorta)...

Noumenon Blast:

  • Her Most Powerful attack.... HIGHER her Energy = HIGHER the Dmg
  • ANYONE in Range will Suffer 75% till there out of attack range
  • While the 2second Power Attack you will be immune till your Energy hits 0, or be Stunned, Knocked Back, Knocked up and or anything that causes you to move. will give you a Recharge +50% of your Energy or Full 100% (also a good thing if you got 0 Energy and you use it, and someone comes along and knocks it to 100% for you)

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