Hero Fragment
Ability Effects


Movement Speed 260 Mana 480
Physical Attack 115 Attack Speed 0.786
Magic Power 0 HP Regen 48
Armor 27 Mana Regen 12
Magic Resistance 10 Basic Attk Crit Rate 0
HP 2679 Ability Crit Rate 0


  • She was inspired by LOL's Poppy who is also a hammer wielding character having almost identical abilities.
  • She is the smallest Tank in the game while Grock is the largest. She is the first female Tank in the game , with Hilda being the only other female Tank. She is the third smallest Support, the two other smallest being Diggie (first) and Nana (second).
  • A Tank/Support hero has the equal advantage of offense and defense in any battle. She is one of those heroes, the other two are Minotaur and Kaja. She is the smallest and the only female hero in the trio.
  • Her second skill is one of the most powerful and effective skills in the game.
    • It can block almost any ranged projectiles. It includes some ultimates from enemy heroes. This gave her an offensive and defensive advantage on the battlefield.
    • This also makes her a very good assistant to any allied hero in the battlefield because of the burst damage.
  • Her passive icon is her splash art.
  • Her Ultimate skill is the strongest and biggest CC skills in the game, with a maximum damage of 1300 after powering up her hammer and smashing it onto the ground in a huge area.
    • It is possible to use the Flicker battle spell just before she smashes the ground. The sudden movement can take enemies off guard or reach targets that got out of her range.
  • Roger and she are the only heroes in the game to have an Halloween special skin.
  • Her old version had a younger appearance and different abilities. Her secondary bar was energy instead of mana, and her passive gave no buff to herself. Her current version looks more adult or possibly teenager and her second bar is now mana.
    • It would appear as if she grew into adolescence from her old version to new version.
    • Hayabusa (reworked) is the only other hero whose second bar changed when reworked.
  • Her name was made famous by the 1955 novel of the same name by a Russian American novelist Vladimir Nabokov, although her background and character is way far off from the story in the novel.
    • In the novel, "Lolita" is the private name of the 12-year old girl named Dolores Haze given by the protagonist and unreliable narrator of the story (pseudonym is Humbert Humbert).
  • In metaphysics, the noumenon (from Greek: νούμενον) is a posited object or event that exists independently of human sense and/or perception.
    • The Greek word νοούμενoν nooúmenon, plural νοούμενα nooúmena, is the neuter middle-passive present participle (Ancient Greek grammar) of νοεῖν noeîn "to think, to mean", which in turn originates from the word νοῦς noûs, an Attic contracted form of νόος nóos "perception, understanding, mind."
    • This might give inspiration to the name of the tech-crystal she owned (as well as her passive skill).
  • Erudito came from the Latin word eruditio (“an instructing, learning, erudition”). It is a profound knowledge that is based on learning.
    • It is the reason for Lolita's hometown was named "City of Scholars".
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