A magician, (commonly known as Mage in most MOBA games) is a magic damage dealer and an important role in any team composition. Their strengths are in their abilities and not usually their basic attacks. They tend to be squishy and are a priority target in team fights due to their burst damage and crowd control abilities.

There are currently 18 Mages in the game.


  • Mages are the most common category of heroes, being 18.
  • Karina, Selena, and Gusion are the only Mage/Assassin Hybrid heroes in the game.
    • They are also the only melee mages in the game.
  • Zhask is the only hero with 4 abilities.
  • Nana is the only Mage/Support Hybrid in the game.
  • Chang'e is the only Mage who is a goddess.
  • Vale and Valir are brothers.
  • Valir is an apprentice of Gord.
    • Vale is rarely the apprentice of him.
  • Pharsa is temporarily banned from Brawl games because she gives a huge advantage to her team with her ultimate skill. She is now processing to be modified for this game mode.
  • Gord and Alice are the only mage heroes that have been reworked.
  • Besides Selena and Vale which only appears in Advance Server, Kagura, Gusion and Chang'e are the only Mage heroes who are banned from Mayhem Mode.