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is a type of role that has a high attack/damage and critical and distance. This type is commonly referred to as carry/ADC [Attack Damage Carry]. Marksman plays an important role in the game by defeating enemies from a distance. When using this hero, be smart to keep the distance with the hero of the opponent, because this type of hero usually has low durability and mobility in early game. Marksman heroes always relies on Tanks. When using this type of hero, you should use gears that increase your attack speed, because in addition to kill the enemy, Marksman can also destroy the tower quickly.

There are currently 13 Marksmen in 4 categories in the game (Marksmen, Marksman/Assassin, Fighter/Marksman and Marksman/Mage).


  • Only Moskov has a Season Exclusive skin among this class of heroes.
  • Lesley is the only Marksman/Assassin Hybrid hero in the game.
    • She is feared by many players for her superior critical hits.
    • She is also the only hero who can slay enemy heroes from a distance.
  • Irithel is the only Marksman, and the only hero in general, who can move and attack at the same time.
    • Other is counted is the Marksman/Mage Kimmy, who can move and attack at the same time.
  • Yi Sun-Shin is the only hero that can change the Base's model .
    • The new model has two turtle ships on its side, although he can only ride one of them.
  • Miya is the only Marksman who can go invisible, by using her ultimate skill.
    • Lesley can also go semi-invisible, but she can be detected by distortions in the field.
  • Moskov and Clint are the only Marksmen whose passive let their basic attack penetrate through targets.
    • The former is for the whole game while the latter is only after he use a skill.
  • Layla has the lowest durability of any hero but has the longest basic attack range in the game, enough to destroy a defensive tower outside it's range.
  • Roger, Lesley and Hanabi are the only Marksmen who are banned from Mayhem Mode.
    • Claude and Kimmy don't count since Mayhem Mode was ended before Claude was released to the original server and Kimmy was released to the advanced server for now.
  • Bruno is the only hero who never use hands in any attack.
    • He is also the only hero with sport-related mode of attacking.
    • He is also the only mechanical marksman in the game, having mechanical legs, although his other skins are human.
  • Marksman is the only cathegory of heroes that exclusively features Human or Humanoid heroes (such as Elves), with the only possible exceptions being Karrie, having non-human legs for being a Yasson, and Roger in his wolf form.