Ability Effects


Movement Speed 240 Mana 495
Physical Attack 105 Attack Speed 0.8
Magic Power 0 HP Regen 34
Armor 18 Mana Regen 23
Magic Resistance 10 Basic Attk Crit Rate 0
HP 2491 Ability Crit Rate 0


  • Odette and Lancelot are lovers, as can be seen in Lancelot's Trailer.
  • Odette carries a sword but she never uses it.
    • It is hinted in one of her quotes that the sword is a gift, most likely from Lancelot. This would explain why she carries it.
  • Odette, Angela and Rafaela have music on their entry animation.
  • Odette is inspired by a character with the same name in Swan Lake. It can explain the music in her entry animation, as well as the swan she summons for her first skill.
    • Her skin "Black Swan" is also a reference to another character from the same opera.
  • Along with Lancelot and Gatotkaca, they are the only heroes based on literature.
  • Her first skill is the only one in the game to have music after executing it.
  • Odette and Jhonson have possibly the strongest combo in the game: if Odette rides Jhonson's car form and uses her Ultimate upon impact with an enemy, this will most likely result in the target's death. Since Jhonson's Ultimate is an AoE stun and Odette's Ultimate is a really high-damaging AoE, they could potentially wipe the entire enemy team if they're all pushing the same lane.