Ability Effects


Movement Speed 2.65 Mana 443
Physical Attack 118 Attack Speed 8.7
Magic Power 0 HP Regen 35
Armor 17 Mana Regen 16
Magic Resistance 10 Basic Attk Crit Rate 0
HP 2475 Ability Crit Rate 0


Screenshot 2016-10-29-19-35-05

Saber plays the Assassin Role within the game and his Specialty is Charge/Reap. He is quite difficult to use but over the course of the game he has the ability to deal a ton of damage to enemies. His base movement speed is the 2nd highest in the game being 0.05 behind the fastest. His base attack damage is relatively high as you could imagine with an assassin. His base Armour is relatively average and HP is also average furthermore his base Mana is average/slightly above average certainly the largest compared to the other heroes that have the Assassin Role. His base attack speed is the 2nd highest in the game. His base regen stats are also quite average-high. He costs 6500 Battle Points or 299 diamonds. He also has another skin called 'Golden Warrior' costing 299 diamonds


Screenshot 2016-10-29-19-35-05

His In-game Character

Screenshot 2016-10-29-19-34-09

His Avatar Picture

Screenshot 2016-10-29-19-34-19

His Name, Nickname and Symbol

Screenshot 2016-10-29-19-34-25

His 4 main attributes

Screenshot 2016-10-29-19-34-48

His Second In-Game Character

Screenshot 2016-10-29-19-34-56

His Second Avatar Picture

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