Each attack will increase the hero's physical and magic resistance, stacking up to 5 layers. the effect increase with the level.

Attack Wave
Cooldown:9.5Mana Cost:80

Attack Wave

Fires an attack wave in a specified direction, dealing 350 pts of physical damage to the enemy and lowers the enemy's movement speed 65%, lasting 2s.

Sacred Hammer
Cooldown:12.5Mana Cost:110

Sacred Hammer

Charges in a specified direction and collides with an enemy, dealing 0 pts of physical damage . press the skill again to trigger the second attack, dealing 180 physical damage and knocking the enemy airborne

Cooldown:42Mana Cost:120


Forcefully thrusts his sword into the earth, pulling surrounding enemies to himself and dealing 270 pts of physical damage and stunning them for 1.5s. (this skill can be interrupted by transformation and knock up effects)

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