Yi Sun-Shin
Hero Fragment
Ability Effects


Movement Speed 2.4 Mana 438
Physical Attack 110 Attack Speed 10.725
Magic Power - HP Regen 36
Armor 18 Mana Regen 15
Magic Resistance 10 Basic Attk Crit Rate -
HP 2520 Ability Crit Rate -


  • Yi Sun-Shin is the only hero that replaces his team's base model with another model.
  • Yi Sun-Shin was a Korean Naval Commander hero in real life; he is considered one of the greatest naval commanders in history, only tied with Admiral Horatio Nelson, having never been defeated at sea nor lost a single ship under his command to enemy action.
    • His standard skin (National Hero) is formerly known as Spirit of the Navy. It was renamed because he was, in fact, celebrated in his country (Korea) for his heroism.
  • He and Akai are the only heroes in the game who don't have specific place of origin.
  • He is one of the few heroes that cannot be played in Survival Mode, due to their Ultimate Skills, along with Aldous.
  • Yi Sun-Shin's background story is a real story, unlike other real inspired hero like Lapu-Lapu, Chang'e, and Zilong where their background story is fit to the Land of Dawn.
  • He is then the Top one hero in the game's official website. When Zhask is released, he is now the Top two hero of all time.
  • He's the first hero to have both a ranged and melee basic attack, and the only one to have them both in a singular form; the other heroes, Roger and Selena, can only have one at time depending on their form.
    • His glaive melee basic attack is the highest in the game, making him very effective at fighting melee heroes such as Fighters and Tanks.
  • When Yi sun-Shin was first released, his skills and glaive attack inflicted a "bleed" effect on the targets. Bleeding heroes would be slowed and take small amount of damage overtime for a few seconds, wich would increase if the target moved.
    • Even if it comboed nicely with Yi's Ulti, revealing the enemies for a longer period of time, this effect wasn't really effective or noticeable otherwise and was straight up removed after some time.
    • A similar effect was later reused for Thamuz.
  • His second skill is the first chargeable skill introduced in the game, with its range and damage increasing by holding the skill button.
    • For a long time the only other chargeable skill was Grock's (1st skill), before Gatotkaca (2nd skill) and Minotaur (non-rage ultimate) were reworked and Leomord (1st skill) was introduced.
  • His ultimate skill is one of the most effective skills in the game: It can gain assists a lot safer than any other hero; it's effective in warning allied heroes when enemy heroes are nearby and waiting to ambush, including invisible heroes such as Miya and Natalia. In rare, coincidental situations, he can even steal the Lord when the enemies are about to finish him.
    • The only other skills with universal range (covering anywhere on the map) are Helcurt's ultimate and Aldous' ultimate.
  • The turtle ship base's model and the ones he rides are inspired by a type of large Korean warship, also known as Geobukseon (in Korean), that Yi Sun-Shin is credited with designing and was used intermittently by the Royal Korean Navy during the Joseon dynasty from the early 15th century up until the 19th century; it was used alongside the panokseon warships in the fight against the invading Japanese naval ships. The ship's name comes from its protective shell-like covering; this design is often recognized as the first armored ship in the world.
  • His Apocalypse Agent skin was one of the characters in the Mobile Battleground - Blitz, but with a slightly different color and a different name: Jin.
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